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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Ignatians West. We partner with non-profit agencies, institutions, and organizations that offer service to people who are poor or marginalized, who are consciously caring for the earth and who can offer meaningful volunteer experiences to mature adults.

Who are Ignatians West volunteers?

Women and men, 50 years of age and over, with time and a desire to help others, a willingness to reflect on their service with a community of volunteers and an interest in spirituality and social justice.

When do Ignatians West volunteers serve?

Ignatians West Volunteers serve one or two days a week from September through June. They also meet monthly to engage in serious reflection in the Ignatian tradition about their service experience. This program of reflection offers volunteers the opportunity to deepen their commitment to service with others and their own spirituality. For the 2017-18 service year, Ignatians West volunteers will serve at the CA Youth Authority, Habitat for Humanity, Loyola High School, The Center at Blessed Sacrament, Dolores Mission, St. Hilary Parish, St. John’s Regional Medical Center, St. Margaret’s Center, Providence Hospital and many others.

What do Ignatians West volunteers do?

They tutor children, distribute food and clothing, welcome and counsel hospital patients and their families, offer administrative help to schools or parishes, coach sports, teach art and music and generally help in any way they are needed.

Is there a fee for an Ignatians West volunteer?

Consistent with the Jesuits West Province's vision of collaboration, we encourage donations from our partner agencies (non-profits) that benefit from the service of an Ignatians West volunteer. These donations help fund an equally important part of our mission -- to minister to our volunteers by providing opportunities for faith-formation and fellowship in the Ignatian tradition. We are also funded by a variety of sources, including benefactors, individual donors and private foundations.

Ignatians West's goal is to match volunteers to every agency requesting a volunteer and no longer requires partnership fees.